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At Chicago Psychological Wellness Center we will work together to make the changes you would like to see.

I find it is an honor and a privilege to work alongside someone who is navigating life’s challenges. It takes courage to ask for support and seek therapy. Clients have shared my warm, grounded, and authentic approach helps make the process more comfortable. I find we make the most progress in therapy with a non-judgmental, supportive relationship that can make the process feel safe. Within therapy, we will work together to help you reduce distress, understand barriers and patterns that are keeping you “stuck,” and discover ways of moving forward and living life more genuinely.

I specialize in assisting adults with relationship and family concerns, depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, and identity exploration and development. I also have a passion for working with young adults, university students, and developing professionals as they navigate life transitions. I provide individualized, collaborative, evidence-based treatment.

It is my hope to help you build a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others, while creating an affirming space to both support and challenge you. We will work together to make the changes you would like to see. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone to schedule an initial appointment.

-Melissa Meinen, Psy.D.